2019-10-19 | Release 2.0.19
Fix minor IPVS features support. Extend BFD to support more than one BFD instance with a neighbour. Extend nftable support. Script timeout extension. Properly filter IGMP/MLD packets on VMAC interface. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2019-07-26 | Release 2.0.18
Add support to IPVS new GUE tunnel type. New feature 'weight reverse' available in all trackers. Resolve all outstanding coverity issues. Some fixes and performance extensions. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2019-06-25 | Release 2.0.17
New feature to define process CPU affinity. Add support to ipvlan. Add support to http status_code group. New feature to support HTTP_GET fast_recovery. Send GARP/NA when leaving fault state if using unicast. SMTP notifier extensions. Code revisiting to use const where appropriate. Fix issues reported by coverity. misc fixes, extensions, code clean-up. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2019-05-03 | Release 2.0.16
fix namespace handling. Fix DBus issue while reloading. New feature quorum_max for track_process. Misc fix while reloading. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2019-04-04 | Release 2.0.15
Fixes for compilation on CentOS7 & Alpine. Add option to flush IPVS topology on shutdown. Add option to skip deleting real servers on shutdown or reload. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2019-03-24 | Release 2.0.14
Fix some compilations warnings and add support to strong compiler checkings. Fix BFD segfault while reloading. Fix checkers while reloading immediately after startup. Add support to vrrp_startup_delay. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2019-02-19 | Release 2.0.13
VRRP ingress packet processing perf. Handle interface MAC addresses changing. Fix handling of VMACs with multiple reloads. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2019-01-26 | Release 2.0.12
Improve VRRP ingress packet processing. Some cosmetics and dead code isolation before remove. Extend VRRP vitual routes handling by impacting instance state upon route deletion. Some VRRP packet processing optimizations. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2019-01-06 | Release 2.0.11
Add support to nftables. Extend VRRP framework to support efficient process tracking (vrrp_track_process). Some scheduler fix while handling child process. SNMP fix. JSON refactoring. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-11-12 | Release 2.0.10
Security fixes. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-11-08 | Release 2.0.9
Security update when opening files for write. netlink rework, in order to remove dependencie on libnl. Better handling of underlying macvlan interface. Snapcraft support extended. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-10-21 | Release 2.0.8
Merge scheduler-ng for high performances and low latencies. Increase performances for lot of VRRP instance & VMAC. Huge work to provide high perf handling for mission critical env. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-08-23 | Release 2.0.7
Adds regex pattern matching for HTTP_GET and SSL_GET. Make Parser more robust and explicit by fixing a bunch of corner cases ;) Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-08-16 | Manpage update
Updated and re-visited Keepalived configuration manpage. This manpage MUST be considered as THE exhaustive source of informations. This manpage is actively supported by Keepalived Core-Team and is part of release circle. You can access online version by visiting documentation tab

2018-07-23 | Release 2.0.6
Properly stop packets being queued on vrrp send socket by using a BPF filter. Update manpage. Some VRRP VMAC creation fix. Add support for quote and escape handling of notify and other scripts. Add notify_master_rx_lower_pri script option and FIFO output. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-06-29 | Release 2.0.5
Update config-test option. Fix config write of virtual server group ip address. Update manpage. Cancel VRRP read thread on send sockets when closing. fix VRRP read policy on send socket. Extend virtual server group handling. Fix VRRPv3 csum with unicast on IPv4. New option enable-optimise. Fix compiling on CentOS 6. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-06-17 | Release 2.0.4
New option '-t' config-test. Make vmac_xmit_base work for IPv6 instances. Handle vmac_xmit_base when interfaces are recreated. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-06-16 | Release 2.0.3
New 'Re-add' option to re-add static addresses/routes/rules if deleted unless no_track set. Allow static addresses/routes/rules to be configured on VMACs interfaces. Workaround to stop receive msg queues not being read on vrrp send socket (linux issue). New option to set vrrp socket receive buffer size. New option 'track_group' to transit to FAULT state if re-add fails on interface. Fix sending IPv6 unicast adverts. Some building fix. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-06-06 | Release 2.0.2
Add tracking of virtual rules. fix rpm building. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-06-04 | Release 2.0.1
Add tracking of virtual routes. Make recreating deleted VMACs work. Add support to new ip rule options from kernel 4.17. Minor fixes. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-05-26 | Release 2.0.0
MAJOR RELEASE ! Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-05-26 | Release 1.4.5
Minor fixes. This is the last 1.4 release. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-05-08 | Release 1.4.4
Minor fixes. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-04-09 | Release 1.4.3
Fixes and enhancements. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-02-25 | Release 1.4.2
Fixes and enhancements. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2018-01-27 | Release 1.4.1
Fixes and enhancements. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2017-12-29 | Release 1.4.0
Fixes and enhancements. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2017-10-21 | Release 1.3.9
Fixes and enhancements. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2017-10-15 | Release 1.3.8
Fixes and enhancements. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2017-10-01 | Release 1.3.7
Fixes and enhancements. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

Fixes and enhancements. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2017-03-19 | Release 1.3.5
Some building fixes. New VRRP option. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2017-02-18 | Release 1.3.4
Fix minor build issue. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2017-02-14 | Release 1.3.3
Some minor fix, extensions and updates. snapcraft support. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2016-11-26 | Release 1.3.2
Security focused on notify heplers. Some minor fix and extensions. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2016-11-21 | Release 1.3.1
Quick script fix for regression brought by last release. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2016-11-20 | Release 1.3.0
New MAJOR release with stabilization fixes. Support to DBus. Conf extensions. Parser error log. Security extensions to run scripts more secure. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2016-09-11 | Release 1.2.24
MAJOR release with stabilization fixes and new features like support to network namespace. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2016-07-11 | Release 1.2.23
Some VRRP fixes. Some Healthcheckers fixes. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2016-06-13 | Release 1.2.22
Some VRRP fixes. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2016-05-29 | Release 1.2.21
Some fixes for last major release 1.2.20. Extensions on vrrp framework. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.

2016-04-02 | Release 1.2.20
BUNCH of extensions, fixes, cleanup & production considerations. Distro packages maintainers are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

2015-07-07 | Release 1.2.19
VRRP Checksum fix for VRRPv2 over IPv6.Some cosmetics changes.

2015-06-30 | Release 1.2.18
Some cosmetics changes, revert some patches introducing regressions.

2015-05-31 | Release 1.2.17
Bunch of new extensions ! Now support VRRPv3 RFC5798. Lot of vrrp extensions.

2015-03-31 | Release 1.2.16
gethostbyname security issue. IPVS framework refactor. some cosmetics.

2014-12-21 | Release 1.2.15
bugfixes brought by last merge.

2014-12-16 | Release 1.2.14
VRRP bugfixes and extensions. IPVS bugfixes and code code cleanup.

2014-05-13 | Release 1.2.13
VRRP fixes and extensions. Extrend and unify checker framework.

2014-02-08 | Release 1.2.12
Fix reallocation issue introduced in last merge.

2014-01-28 | Release 1.2.11
Fix some minor memory leaks. better libnl support and selection. some cosmetics.

2014-01-03 | Release 1.2.10
VRRP unicast TTL fix. Support to newer libnl. More IPv6 support. Fix/extend VRRP gratuitous ARP handling. Support xmit VRRP packets from base VMAC interface. VRRP multicast group tweaking. Fixed VRRP socket sync while leaving FAULT state. Code cleanup and cosmetics.

2013-11-10 | Release 1.2.9
Extended VRRP code for faster sync and transition. Fixed VRRP unicast code to support routed packet. Fixed VRRP checksum computation. Extended VRRP code tweaking IPv6 VIP install by disabling DAD algo and setting deprecated flag. Fixed some issues in checker framework while processing hysteresis. Extended checker framework to support use of status_code and digest at a time.

2013-09-05 | Release 1.2.8
Add support for VRRP unicast. Add support for VRRP IPv6 routes. Add support to LVS One-Packet Scheduling. Add CLI core framework. Misc bugfixes, typo and cosmetics.

2012-08-29 | Release 1.2.7
Fix issue while using vrrp_script. Extend SNMP to support routerId.

2012-08-20 | Release 1.2.6
Fix shadow declarations. Fix VRRP macvlan interface handling while reloading. Fix VRRP shutdown to notify other routers before it does any action affecting traffic flow. Stop VRRP timers before shutting down instances. Fix VRRP socket freed. Extend VRRP script framework to support separate timeout. Some cosmetics.

2012-08-13 | Release 1.2.5
Add SNMP support to checker and VRRP frameworks.

2012-07-27 | Release 1.2.4
Fix pid display for checker framework. security fix in sighandlers. Some cosmetics.

2012-07-13 | Release 1.2.3
Merged pending issues, for details please refer to Keepalived github repo.

2012-07-12 | GITHUB Repo
Created Keepalived github repo. All new code will be merged and pushed into this repo which become the official Keepalived master git repo.

2011-11-23 | JRES'2011 Presentation
Alexandre SIMON from CIRIL made a Nice presentation at JRES'2011. He also produced a Paper and a slideshow (French Material). Thanks for the good job !

2011-01-16 | Release 1.2.2 : IPv6 Ready !

This release has been jointly sponsored by PICTURA and PCEXTREME. Special thanks go to tech team at PCEXTREME and PICTURA for time spent on testing and reporting issues. Please visit sponsors websites ! Focus for this release has been made on a massive code rewrite to fully support IPv6 in VRRP and IPVS frameworks.

2010-12-08 | Release 1.2.1 - Bugfixes
Merged mainline pending bugfixes.

2010-06-24 | Website hosting
The keepalived website has moved on Thu 2010 June 24th to a clustered lxc container provided and powered by OpenSVC.

2010-05-31 | Release 1.2.0 - VRRP IPv6 Release
Extend VRRP to support IPv6.

2010-05-06 | Release 1.1.20 - Bugfixes
Extend ip and route framework to support existing entries. Fix broadcast display. Fix genhash parsing issue. destroy old signal pipes on reload. Fix SMTP checker issue. handle non-existant default interface in VIP definition. Remove alive realserver when quorum is lost. Fix a segfault issue if virtual_server is empty. Keep previous effective VRRP priority on reload. Fix VRRP script handling. On reload keep VRRP scripts status. Remove IPVS Kernel 2.2 support.

2010-03-16 | Chinese documentation
Sery contributed a nice Chinese document on Keepalived.

2009-10-01 | Release 1.1.19 - Bugfixes
Fixed segfault issue while parsing virtual_server. Fixed SIGCHLD handling upton reload. Fixed VRRP nopreempt from FAULT state.

2009-09-28 | Created GIT repository
Created Keepalived project GIT repository.

2009-09-24 | Release 1.1.18 - Bugfixes
Fixed reloading issues. Fixed a VRRP multicast group leave issue. Added support to delayed vrrp script lauching. Fixed initial value of quorum state. Fixed sorry server removal to take care of quorum state. Fixed a signal handling issue while reloading. Fixed PID handling. Updated media link failure detection strategy. Misc cosmetics fixes.

2009-03-05 | Release 1.1.17 - Bugfixes
Fixed a regression brought by previous release during low-level scheduler timer computation. Fixed VRRP MII code to properly test BMSR. Optimized VRRP script initialization.

2009-02-15 | Release 1.1.16 - Bugfixes
Merged lot of pending patches. Added support to alpha/omega framework for healthchecker management. Extended VRRP scheduler to support internal monotonic clock. Fixed VRRP reelection issue while using IPSEC AH auth. Fixed VRRP reloading process to offer graceful restart. Extended VRRP virtual_route framework to support black hole route as well as multihop routes.

2007-09-16 | Release 1.1.15 - Bugfixes
Fixed genshash makefile. Removed http healthchecker buffer minimization causing crash. Fixed parser include directive to support multi-level configuration includes. Extended SSL checker for better handling of SSL handshake. Fixed http healthcheker issue while processing MD5SUM. Fixed missing notifications upon VRRP state transition. Add support for VRRP virtual_routes to route metric.

2007-09-13 | Release 1.1.14 - Enhancements
Extended parsing framework to support include directives and error logging. Merged patches from rpmforge. Add script goodies directory. Fixed compilation issue in VRRP code. Fixed VRRP negative weights in script. Extended VRRP framework to support Old-style Linux aliases. Add support to VRRP script logging.

2006-12-11 | New OpenSource Project
Launch a new OpenSource project focused on Layer7 switching www.linux-l7sw.org

2006-10-11 | Release 1.1.13 - Enhancements
Extended VRRP engine to support floating priority. Fixed some issues.

2006-03-09 | Release 1.1.12 - Bugfixes
Fixed SSL checker to properly support asynchronous stream handling. Fixed SMTP checker. Extended VRRP framework to use vrrp virtual_router_id as LVS syncid. Fixed redhat spec file.

2005-09-02 | Press arcticle
Philip J. Hollenback published an article on keepalived at LinuxDevCenter.

2005-03-01 | Release 1.1.11 - Bugfixes
Fixed a bitwise negation issue while handling signal. Extended VRRP ipaddress and iproutes handling to take care of unknown interfaces. Cosmetics cleanups.

2005-02-15 | Release 1.1.10 - Bugfixes
Release iproutes before ipaddresses while restoring interfaces inside VRRP framework. Fixed somes buffer overruns, NULL pointers and one memory leak. Redesigned signal handling. Fixed some shadowed declarations. Extended libipvs to support syncd zombies handling. Fixed a scheduling and configurations reload races conditions. Cosmetics cleanups.

2005-02-07 | Release 1.1.9 - Bugfixes
Fixed issues in VRRP framework while releasing vrrp socket pool, setting blocking flags on netlink socket and hashing vrrp fd bucket into hash index. Fixed a regression in html parsing. Fixed compilation issue while using debug compilation. VRRP and Healthcheck framework extension to support debugging flags. Removed watchdog framework to use native scheduling signaling helpers.

2005-01-25 | Release 1.1.8 - Enhancements
Extended VRRP to support dont_track_primary, nopreempt, preempt_delay. Fixed some VRRP issues while stoping and/or reloading daemon. Extended netlink to support blocking request operations and non-blocking kernel reflections. Added SMTP checker. Extended MISC checker to support dynamic weight. Fixed some assertions issue, HTTP header parsing. Somes cosmetics fixes and typo.

2004-04-05 | Release 1.1.7 - Minor Bug Fixes
Added some assertion tests in memory framework. Fixed a VRRP issue using syncd configuration. Some cosmetics patches in Makefiles and autoconf. Jacob Rief put THC enabled release here. Thomas Halwax contributed writing a scripting framework for VRRP notify helpers.

2004-02-23 | Release 1.1.6 - Bug Fixes
Fixed a VRRP scheduling issues. Fixed a linkbeat issues. Extended ipvswrapper code to support 2.6 kernel IPVS code. Updated autoconf and Makefiles to support 2.6 kernel IPVS code. Extended VRRP dropping strategy to siliently drop bogus incoming adverts. Somes cosmetics patches.

2004-01-25 | Release 1.1.5 - Enhancements
Created Keepalived manpages. Fixed a VRRP length issue while testing password field for auth_pass method. Fixed a watchdog quick loop timer. Extended scheduler to support stable scheduling time. Updated default media link failure detection strategy. Some cosmetics cleanup.

2003-12-29 | Release 1.1.4 - Enhancements
Updated autoconf script. Extended daemon design to work-around the SMP forking issue. Extended media link failure detection to support linkwatch subsystem. Extended MII BMSR polling to be fully asynchronous. Optimized a VRRP timer computation. Some cosmetic patches. Wrote a small paper explaining LinkWatch design from Stefan Rompf, <sux <at> loplof <dot> de>.

2003-09-29 | Release 1.1.3 - Enhancements
Extended ip address framework to support broadcast ip address selection. Extended scheduling framework to support long timer and micro-sec second overlap. Extended VRRP and checkers frameworks to support new scheduling long timer. Added support to main daemon log_level selection. Extended HTTP checker to support non blocking read. Fixed a notify script issue. Extended scheduling framework to support child thread while computing global scheduling timer. Extended VRRP FSM to support BACKUP state notifiers and smtp_alert during VRRP initialization.

2003-09-08 | Release 1.1.2 - Enhancements
Extended healthchecker framework to support multiple checkers per realserver. Extended TCP, HTTP & SSL checkers to support binding selection. Reviewed the watchdog calling location, watchdog is reinitialized during a daemon reload event. Extended the global parser to support default handlers. Fixed some code dependencies. Extended VRRP ethtool code to detect ETHTOOL_GLINK availability. Fixed some VRRP IPSEC issues. Fixed a bug while setting static_ipaddress. Fixed a VRRP reloading issue introducing a noisy daemon crash.

2003-07-24 | Release 1.1.1 - Bug fixes
Fixed a VRRP dereferencing pointer while processing configuration file reload. Fixed misc checker to perform server state according to checker result.

2003-07-22 | Release 1.1.0 - High Performance extensions
This release is focused on VRRP high performance and optimizations. Added support to a global shared buffer for incoming advert handling. Added support to pre-allocated shared buffer for outgoing adverts. Extended socket pool design to support shared fd for outbound channel. Added support to static_ipaddress as global keyword. Extended track_interface to support multiple interface tracking. Review the instance lookup design to use o(1) scheduling design to reduce VRRP scheduling jitter using a customized hash index. Review the sync_group design to speed up synchronization using a pre-computed index. Optimized VRRP timer fd lookup using a one pass lookup. Bradley Baetz, extended the scheduler framework to support child process handling. Bradley Baetz, fixed the misc_check healthchecker using new thread child scheduling facility. Added support to a shared kernel netlink command channel. Extended logging code to support verbose log output. Extended gratuitous ARP code to support shared buffer and shared socket. Fixed a gratuitous ARP issue, extended the code for sending garp over device ipaddess belong to. Extended the ipaddress framework to point directly to interface reflected by netlink channel instead of storing device index. Extended VRRP scheduling timer computation to support timer auto-recalibration to provide overhead auto-adaptation. Extended VRRP scheduler to support fd hash table design, this speed up instance lookup while computing instance sands. Extended vrrp new socket creation to replace refreshed instance fd into fd hash table index. Extended vrrp framework to support blank virtual_ipaddress block. Extended watchdog framework to support polling delay selection via daemon command line. Extended the genhash code to support verbose output selection, command arg '-v' will generate a very verbose output. list library has been extended to support multi-sized list & specific element deletion. Some name clean-up, cosmetics extensions.

2003-05-19 | Software Design Update
Updated the Software Design page to introduce new Keepalived internal design (watchdog, parser splitting, ..)

2003-05-12 | Release 1.0.3
Tiscover - hotel, vacation, travel agent for Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy
This release has been sponsored by Tiscover AG, thanks go to their IT team and especially to Jacob Rief for design discussions and testing time. Please visit sponsor Homepage at www.tiscover.com. This release is a major daemon re-design to increase security and availability of Keepalived itself. The daemon is split into 3 process, one parent and 2 childrens. Parent monitor children availability. One children for VRRP and another for Healthcheckers. Added support to a modularized watchdog framework. Watchdog estart children if they die or enter scheduling deadloop. Splitted parsing keyword tree for each relevant daemon. Added dedicated syslog facility for each children. Modularized parser. Extended pidfile & memory framework. Fixed a virtual_server_group issue while reloading conf. Extended IPVS wrapper. Extended netlink code to support scope selection. Vince Worthington created the Keepalived-lvs-nat-director-proxyarp-firewall-howto.

2003-04-14 | Release 1.0.2

This release has been sponsored by edNET, thanks to them for supporting Keepalived project. Please visit sponsor homepage at www.ednet.co.uk. This release added support to virtual_server_group that provide support for real_server to belong to multiple virtual_server without launching a bunch of healthcheckers. Extended the differentiate configuration parser to support virtual_server_group differentiate entries and preserve IPVS working topology. Added support to IP address range support for virtual_server_group. SIGCHLD extension. Extended VRRP virtual_routes to support source route selection. Some cosmetics patches.

2003-03-18 | Release 1.0.1

This release has been sponsorized by "Ecomdevel LLC", clever and open minded people here, please visit sponsor homepage at www.gigenet.com. Extended netlink kernel reflection to support routings. Added support to static_routes set/removed during daemon bootstrap/shutdown. Added support to virtual_routes set/removed according to VRRP FSM. Extended virtual_ipaddress and virtual_ipaddress_excluded block to specify dedicated device interface for each ipaddress. Added support to track_interface for interface state monitoring (same as HSRP). Rewrote the VRRP VIP & E-VIP memory representation. Optimized code dependence selection. Enhanced HTTP|SSL checkers to support 2KB buffer lenght GET query. Some cosmetics and code cleaning work.

2003-02-25 | IETF Draft
Wrote the draft-ietf-vrrp-ipsecah-spec paper to present VRRP stack implementation of IPSEC-AH authentication method.

2003-02-16 | Website & Soft Design
Reviewed the website design and created a documentation explaining the Keepalived internal software design.

2003-01-13 | Release 1.0.0
This is the FIRST STABLE and production ready RELEASE. Enhanced initscript. Added support to ha_suspend. Extended real_server block to support notify_up and notify_down script launch. Set default realserver weight to 1. Fixed a layer4.c issue. Reviewed the SIGCHLD handler. Extended parser to support ecapsulated quoted string. More logging messages. Review HTTP|SSL retry code. Added VRRP sync_group smtp_alert support. Fixed some IPSEC_AH seq_num synchronizations. Extended the VRRP TSM. Some VRRP FSM state optimizations. Extended parser to support sync_group declaration before or after instances declarations. Created keepalived.conf.SYNOPSIS file to describe all keywords available.

2002-11-21 | Release 0.7.6
Created a common code lib. Rewrote the genhash utility. Review autoconf and Makefiles scripts. Created an html util lib. Extended HTTP and SSL checkers to support remote webserver HTTP header status_code. Modularized the md5sum stream handling for HTTP and SSL checkers. Fixed a premature socket fd close during SMTP notification in HTTP and SSL code. Rewrote the gratuitous ARP code. Some VRRP messages logging. Fixed an issue during VRRP packet building. Remove the previous VRRP ARP packet building. Rewrote the VRRP packet sending process. Extended the interface lib. Extended the VRRP code to support IPSEC-AH authentication. Optimize the VRRP TSM. Some cosmetics patches. Consider this release as a 1.0.0 STABLE release candidate code.

2002-09-18 | Release 0.7.1
Fixed a misc_check register issue.Extended ipfwwrapper to select ipchains setting or not. Added a gratuitous ARP delayed thread for VRRP MASTER state transition. Review the gratuitous ARP helper function to only send ARP when VRRP VIPs are set. Review the whole VRRP FSM to prevent against junky flapping issues. Added support to a Transition State Matrix (TSM) design to speed synchronization. Optimize the VRRP FAULT state fallback synchronization. Extended the VRRP smtp notifier to notify transition to MASTER or BACKUP states. Adam Fletcher created the LVS-NAT + Keepalived HOWTO.

2002-08-06 | Release 0.6.10
Fixed a VRRP VIPs reflection set flag issue. Fixed a VRRP framework code selection issue.

2002-08-01 | Release 0.6.9
Added support to reload configuration file on the fly on SIGHUP receive. Fixed some code dependencies. Added 2 new daemon arguments that permit to not release VRRP VIPs and IPVS topology on daemon stop. Fixed a MISC_CHECK forking issue. Review IPVS wrapper to use allocated IPVS rules. Extended keepalived.init redhat script to support restart and reload arguments. Fixed some typo. Some code cleanup.

2002-07-27 | MASTER LVS website crashed down.
Our primary LVS website has terribly crashed down !!! Horms offers vergenet temp hosting with a dynamic content replication provided by Super Sparrow technology. Set Keepalived website to sourceforge as backup location.

2002-07-16 | Release 0.6.8
Fixed a SMTP stream handling assertion. Added support to inhibit_on_failure for a real_server, this set real_server weight to 0 if checker report a failure. Added kernel check for netlink support.

2002-07-12 | Release 0.6.7
Rewrote the SMTP notifier framework to use strong FSM design. Extended the VRRP multicast membership subscription to not degrade global scheduling timer on retry. Fixed a buffer overflow during the sending advert interface binding process. Some more cosmetics patches.

2002-07-08 | Release 0.6.6
Fine the coding style. Review the code source tree. Review Makefile(s) for better code selection on libipvs and libipfwc, added code dependence. Added modprobe_ipvs() during ipvswrapper bootstrap. Review the ipvswrapper to only stop daemon on criticals events. Extend VRRP framework bootstrap sequence to handle interface in shut state during intialization. Updated TODO list. Some cosmetics patches.

2002-07-01 | Release 0.6.5
Review the coding style. Fixed a null pointer exception. Added RedHat spec file. some cosmetics patches.

2002-06-25 | Release 0.6.4
Rewrote previous ip address convertion utilities. Extented VRRP notify script to vrrp_sync_group. Added support to libipvs. Some cosmetics patches.

2002-06-18 | Release 0.6.3
Fixed a vrrp_sync_group flapping issue. Fixed autoconf/automake issues. Cosmetics patches.

2002-06-16 | Release 0.6.2
Enhanced autoconf/automake scripts. Fixed some memory issues. Enhanced SMTP notification framework.

2002-06-13 | Release 0.6.1
Added support to CI/SSI heathcheckers mechanism. Linked Healthcheckers activities with Kernel netlink reflector. Review the VRRP synchronization policy to sync many instances at a time. Added support to CIDR notation for VRRP VIPs declarations. Added support to VRRP mcast src ip address selection in adverts. Extented link media failure detection to support ETHTOOL interface. Updated the UserGuide.pdf.

2002-05-30 | Release 0.5.9
Started a realserver_group definition integration. Review the VRRP script notification. Added support to quoted strings for VRRP script config. Added a VRRP protocol extension "virtual_ipaddress_excluded". More logging facility. Review the VRRP FSM to use more conventional design. Fixed a VRRP instance state flapping issue.

2002-05-21 | Release 0.5.8
Added an OpenSSL Licence exception. Added connection port selection for healthcheckers. Fixed IPVS exclusion code selection. Added support to VirtualHost selection using HTTP|SSL_GET checkers. Review IPVS syncd state transition. Added support to quoted string for MISC_CHECK. Fixed a VRRP passwd length exception. Enhance VRRP MASTER state.

2002-05-02 | Release 0.5.7
Review autoconf/automake scripts to permit framework compiling selection. Fixed a SSL stream handling bug. Fixed somes issues in configuration file parser. Limit maximum number of VRRP VIPs to 20 per VRRP Instance. Added IPVS wrapper framework support to persistence granularity mask. Added support to smtp notification for VRRP MASTER state transition. Fixed the UserGuide.pdf.

2002-04-13 | Release 0.5.6
Fixed some state machine side effects. Registered keepalived domains.

2002-04-10 | Release 0.5.5
As a VRRP bugfixes & rewrite. Review the VRRP data structure. Remove ioctl system call. Created a NIC interface library. Created a kernel netlink reflector instead of delayed poller. Added support to NIC that supports MII transceiver, monitoring MII BMSR into a delayed MII status register thread poller. Review the VRRP state machine to be more robust. Better multicast handling. Added support LVS sync daemon. Review automake/autoconf scripts. Some cosmetics patches. !!! WARN !!! IPSEC-AH support need to be tuned for sequence number synchronization in fallback state !!!WARN !!!

2002-02-25 | Release 0.5.3
Added autoconf/automake scripts. Rewrite configuraiton file parser to use some compiler design. Re-design global data strucuture. Created some template library (vector, list). Created a checker API. Fixed an SSL stream handling race condition. Revisited the hole code to use new templates structures. Finish to stabilise the framework.

Created the Keepalived User Guide. Patched a vrrp scheduling memory leak (GCC bug). Jan review memory management framework. Some cosmetics patches. Fine vrrp vips handling.

Created the Keepalived LOGO.

2001-12-10 | Release 0.4.9
Added memory managment framework. Added support to SSL_GET. Rewrote HTTP_GET to use fully asynchronous stream handling. Patched some memory leaks. Added command lines arguements. Added a bootstrap delay for checkers registration. Added possibility to launch extra script during VRRP state transition. Some cosmetics patches. Rewrote the genhash utility. Started keepalived checkers API specs. Thanks goes to Jan Holmberg for nice thoughts (look at changelog file).

2001-11-21 | Release 0.4.8
Rewrite the whole VRRP previous code. Created a hierarchic scheduling framework for VRRP Instances (de)multiplexing. Created a socket pool thread register. Review the VRRP multicast binding for outbound/inbound binding. Created a VRRP packet dispatcher to handle VRRP Instances finites states. Created a VRRP Instances synchronization for Instance monitoring. Rewrite the netlink interface. Remove the VRRP VMAC handling. Patched pidfile handling. Patched global scheduling timer race condition. Created a paper presenting VRRP internals implementation. Started VRRP documentation.

2001-11-04 | Release 0.3.8
Added support to native LVS iptable code. Added support to LVS Direct routing & tunneling. Review the keepalived.init script to be plateforme independent. Some cosmetics patch.

2001-09-14 | Release 0.3.7
Added support to LVS kernel 2.4 implementation. Right now keepalived support both LVS release, LVS for kernel 2.2 and kernel 2.4.

2001-08-24 | DevShot 0.4.0
Added a new devel branch. Added VRRP support using our sheduling I/O multiplexer. VRRP implementation support IPSEC-AH using HMAC-MD5-96bits. Added netlink kernel routing table fetcher for VRRP. Added support to dropping bogus VRRP packets. !!! WARN !!! VRRP code is stable with one instance... the code still under heavy hacking !!! WARN !!!

2001-08-24 | Release 0.3.6
Patched some race conditions. Eric Jarman added MISC CHECKER, It Perform a system call to run an extra system or script.

2001-07-15 | Release 0.3.5
Rewrite the whole previous code. Added multithreaded framework using an I/O multiplexer. Rewrite the signal handling, log event using syslog, pidfile handling, configuration file parser, smtp connector, IPVS & IPFW wrappers. Added support for NAT mask on IP MASQ rules. Rewrite checkers. Added sorry server facility.
Futur work : Since we have now a strong scheduling framework, will work on the VRRP integration using "monitored circuit" for LVS. New checkers (LDAP, RADIUS, SSL).

Contributed to the VRRP implementation made by jerome etienne. Added IPSEC-AH using HMAC-MD5-96bits. Added some enhancements. Will be added into the next keepalived release to add director "keepalive" (failover). Please refer to the download page.

Update the documentation with the "Keepalived Quick Start Guide".

2001-03-31 | Release 0.2.7
Minor bugfixes, cosmetics patches, added ip firewall kernel wrapper. Entering in a documentation state.

2001-03-06 | Release 0.2.6
Review the dynamic data structure. Added configuration keywords. Move libmd to L. Peter Deutsch independent md5 implementation. Added an smtpwrapper for mail alerte notification (using nonblock/timeouted tcp connection). Move half open connection check to vanilla tcp check (using a nonblock/so_linger/timeouted tcp connection). Review the initial HTTP GET initial implementation, added support for multi-url http get check over the same tcp service (usefull for http servers owning multiple applications servers), added HTTP GET retry, added delay before get retry.
Futur work : Using thread, adding HSRP protocol RFC2281 support, adding SSL get check, adding tcp stream parser, adding Service Level Agreement (SLA) statistic informations, create an ASN.1 frameset to administrate the daemon & LVS services (needed for handling keepalive facility using DR or TUN LVS topology), ... and the folk.

2001-01-02 | Release 0.2.3
Patch the TCP/ICMP checks functions adding a two level timer.

2000-12-22 | Release 0.2.1
Initial release as version 0.2.1. This software must be considered as a stable beta version.